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As one of the earliest cities opened to the outside world, Guangzhou's economy develops vigorously and it's now a perfect fit for investment and living. To date, 170 Fortune 500 companies have launched investment projects in Guangzhou. Meanwhile, Guangzhou is China's third largest host city of conventions and exhibitions, after Beijing and Shanghai. The city has first-rate convention and exhibition facilities. Each year, the city plays host to more than 350 large-scale exhibitions and over 1,100 demonstration and promotion events.
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Guangzhou is an important industrial base in China and a comprehensive industrial manufacturing center of South China. Through years of development the city has established itself as an export-oriented modern industrial system with a complete range of specialties, a relatively developed light industry, and a heavy industry of certain scale. It boasts comprehensive capabilities, a highly developed scientific research capability and the ability to develop new products rapidly. Of China's 40 major categories of industrial sectors, Guangzhou has 34. Industry plays an important role in the city's contribution to the national economy. This added value accounts for more than one third of the city's GDP. The industrial output value of the three pillar industries--Automobile manufacturing, electronic communications and petrochemical industries--accounts for about one-third of the city's industrial output value. With the introduction of advanced technology and the upgrade of light textiles, food, medicine, building materials and other traditional industries, many new industries and high-tech industries represented by electronic communications, electrical appliances, fine chemical industries and petrochemical products are developing rapidly.

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